Joe Schilling vs. Steve Wakeling at GLORY 5

Posted on December 05 2012

Written by Drew Manese for Can't Stop Crazy 

While everyone is holding their collective breath waiting for a blockbuster Full Rules Muay Thai match-up to actually come to fruition, GLORY World Series has been busy making actual fights. 

First there was GLORY 3 in Rome earlier this November, which saw our local hero, Ky Hollenbeck, take on the world's best, Giorgio Petrosyan, in an 8-Man Tournament that made for an exciting night of fights. Next comes GLORY 4 in Tokyo with it's Heavyweight tournament and a DREAM (MMA) comeback that should satiate the urge for more big match ups. Not one to rest on their laurels though, GLORY keeps the hits coming. Though details are not finalized, we can now confirm that Can't Stop Crazy's own Joe Schilling will be taking on Steve Wakeling in a long awaited, much anticipated bout between the two Light Heavyweight bruisers. The Muay Thai specialists will square off in a K-1 rules, 85kg bout. Joe has let it be known for years that this was a matchup he more than welcomed, he was hungry for. 

The card will take place in London, Wakeling's home turf, on March 23rd, 2013. This is the same fantastic night of fights that will feature Tyrone Spong taking on Remy Bonjasky. As usual with any GLORY event, the production value will be superb, the undercard fights will be intense and the online Pay-Per-View service will be exceptional. We can't wait to see Steve and Joe finally get the chance to square off.

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