Alex Gong - Gone But Not Forgotten

Posted on August 02 2013

From Lynda Dek Wat Muay Thai - Posted 8/1/13

Today is 1 August 2013 and it is 10 years since Alex "F-14" Gong had his life tragically and senselessly cut short. Alex had a passion for Muay Thai that made everyone around him want to be apart of the sport in some way. Hell he even got my mom inspired, and without his far reaching influence so many North American Muay Thai enthusiasts would have no place. Many here owe their own gyms to time spent in Alex's gym or company myself included. We had a true family type relationship, we'd fight and be mad at one another ALOT, he could be infuriating but we'd always figure it out at training time. He inspired me, pissed me off but more than anything helped fuel a desire to have Muay Thai in my life for life and I hope I'm able to do that for some people who pass through my own gym.

I have long been considering a way to honour him in a meaningful way that could touch and maybe change lives, and with that today the gym is proud to share that we have created our own Alex "F-14" Gong memorial Martial Arts Scholarship. We are partnering with a start up from Richmond, California (501c3 pending) focusing on youth sex workers. We are offering 2 full scholarships to our gym for young girls looking for a different path. There are a small group of youths participating and writing essays to earn the scholarship and 2 will be selected by the gym leadership team. Alex had a very challenging and difficult childhood but for those of you who were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him on Clementina Street or in Daly City knew even at his high speed pace he still managed to find a bit of time to help people out, when he passed even the homeless addicts around the gym were saddened enough to find their voice and speak to the media because of kindness he showed them. Alex was buddhist and wouldn't want us to mourn him, he'd probably be pissed, so today don't shed a tear for him, I challenge you to go into your nearest Muay Thai gym and do an extra 50-50 for him.


Many people passed through those doors over the years some of them went on to all kinds of professions some related to martial arts some to other things but we all look back fondly on that time and so many of us are still very close.

He is gone but not forgotten. RIP Alex, RIP.
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