Buakaw Signs Long Term Deal With K-1

Posted on August 06 2013

Courtesy of MuayThaiAuthority.com

K-1 has announced today that Buakaw Banchamek has signed a long term deal with the Kickboxing promotion. Buakaw who last year fought under Thai Fight before leaving the promotion and entering into a legal battle with them has competed in only "exhibition" fight this year. After finally being able to fight in actual fights not titled, Buakaw is expected to return to action for Max Muay Thai in a few days against Dong Wen Fei.

Buakaw is expected to make his return to K-1 on September 14th in Mallorca, Spain. It will be Buakaw's first K-1 appearance since 2009. Buakaw's return will be part of the 2013 K-1 World MAX Final 16. The tournament will also feature the likes of Mike Zambidis, Andy Souwer, Abrham Roqueni, and Shane Campbell to name a few.
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